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Oct 4, 2019  | by Valery Satsura

Start Matter Digest #3

digest react preact preactx figma cheatsheets frontend responsive images v8
Start Matter Digest #3

Preact X is a huge step forward from Preact 8.x. We’ve rethought every bit and byte of our code and added a plethora of…

Do you wanna try something sweet and new? Preact X is here!

The second problem with the approach is that it requires serializing large parts of the document before sending them to…

If you want to build plugin system in your app, check how did Figma do it

It’s rather impossible to know all the APIs by heart. This is where cheatsheets come in! Here are the best front end…

Have a problems with frontend development? These Hacking Cheatsheets should help you

Using responsive images this days, is a very complex mission. There are saw many ways to implement it.

Have problems with responsive images? This complete guide is for you

Previously, we discussed how JavaScript engines optimize object and array access through the use of Shapes and Inline…

The story of a V8 performance cliff in React

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