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Oct 1, 2019  | by Valery Satsura

Emotional Intellect

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Emotional Intellect

Do you remember how were IQ tests popular? 🤨
There was an opinion that a high level of intelligence guarantees the success of a person.

Now we can see that it was a big mistake. ☹️

Why do people who studied at school well, who have well-developed logic often achieve lower business results than their not-so-smart classmates? The reason for all this is emotional intelligence

EI (emotional intelligence) – the ability to use your emotions and feelings to achieve goals in life, work and relationships.

EI is manifested in 👉:
⚡️Self-awareness. I understand how I feel and what causes my feelings.
⚡️Self-regulation. I control my emotional reactions, control my feelings.
⚡️Self-motivation. I achieve what I want, contrary to my feelings.
⚡️Empathy. I understand and share the feelings of another person.
⚡️Social skills. I can build relationships with people without conflict, based on mutual respect and understanding.

A person with a well-developed EI 👌:
1️⃣ In a stressful situation, he maintains stability, performance and self-control.
2️⃣ Inquisitive, learns from his own and others’ mistakes.
3️⃣ He respects himself and other people.
4️⃣ He understands and controls his emotions well.
5️⃣ He is not afraid of taking risks – after all, a mistake is a point of growth.
6️⃣ He understands that other people, like himself, have reasons and motives for their actions. And he is trying to understand another one, instead of taking offense and breaking up a relationship.
7️⃣ He knows his triggers and weaknesses well. But he also knows his strengths and supporting emotions.
8️⃣ Sometimes he is happy, angry, sad and surprised – the whole range of emotions is available to him. He is not afraid of his feelings or the feelings of others.
9️⃣ He knows how to build relationships with people without conflict and manipulation.
1️⃣0️⃣ He knows how to convince, motivate his colleagues.
1️⃣1️⃣ He is an excellent leader.

Emotional intelligence can be developed 🤟:
⭐️ if you want to make your life enjoyable.
⭐️ if you want to enjoy communication with colleagues and clients.
⭐️ if you want to leave good memories of yourself.
⭐️ if you learn to better understand yourself and improve the quality of your life.

Learn to recognize your emotional states.
Get to know your triggers and don’t let emotions overcome you in a stressful situation.
Learn to focus on achieving your goal by controlling your emotions. “When you wash the cup, think about washing the cup.”
Develop empathy.
Learn to communicate: develop analytical thinking, non-verbal communication, assertiveness.

One who controls himself owns the world. – George Savile Halifax

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