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Oct 19, 2018  | by Dmitry Demidenko

Our company has become a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park

Our company has become a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park

They say detectives solve puzzles and search for clues. This is quite similar to what we do in Start Matter, fortunately we’re dealing with software, not crimes. We are glad to open a new chapter of our detective story as a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park.

After reaching the 4 years’ milestone in the domain of software development, this is an important step for us. And we are happy to join the community of experts responsible for the future of technology that is today.

A large number of successfully integrated projects allowed us to gain enormous experience in a variety of different activity domains, including custom CRM systems, LegalTech, website builders, mobile applications, augmented reality, and others. The best reward for us is to see that our solutions are used to solve real world business puzzles.

The Start Matter team has always aimed to deliver high quality solutions. We see each project as a puzzle, where it’s extremely hard to predict how many pieces there are. And we have to admit that we feel like detective stories’ characters because we are on the run for puzzles that seem unsolvable at the first glance.

Fortunately, there are time-tested management strategies that allow us to be flexible and waste no time in the fast-paced market. And our relatively small and solid team can react and adjust even more effectively than a large corporation’s army of experts does.

We are dedicated to take off the load of routine tasks that people are dealing with everyday with the means of computing power. Therefore we are struggling to make any activity easier and more secure. And we believe that joining Belarus Hi-Tech Park can turn out to be a huge leap for us in achieving our goals.

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