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Sep 24, 2019  | by Valery Satsura

Procrastination or Why do we postpone tasks for later?

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Procrastination or Why do we postpone tasks for later?

🏃‍♂️I need to do a work task.
🏃‍♂️I also want to go to the gym.

🙇‍♂️Instead, I just sit and do nonsense. I know that I spend time and blame myself, but … I continue to sit and watch the next episode of the series, which I do not even like.

⁉️Has this happened to you too?

If you answered YES – congratulations, you have Procrastination 😞

Procrastination (from Latin pro-crastinus = belonging to tomorrow) is a tendency to constantly postpone even important and urgent tasks, causing unpleasant feelings.

Procrastination differs from laziness or rest. It is recognized as a waste of time (unlike laziness) and you are tormented by guilt and lose energy (unlike rest).

👉 There are 4 main causes of procrastination and how to deal with them:
1️⃣ Competitive tasks: there is so much to do, and so little time. You do not know where to start and therefore do NOTHING.
⭐️Make a to-do list. And proceed according to this list. Suppose you don’t have time to complete all the points – but there will be less throwing, and more goals achieved.

2️⃣ Promoting “junk behavior”. You scroll the news feed on Facebook, then pass the test “Who are you from the Avengers?” – This is much more interesting than doing the task.
⭐️Control your behavior. Allocate yourself 1 hour a day on social networks, turn off notifications on the phone until the work is completed. Encourage useful actions. Behavioral psychology, nothing more.

3️⃣ The conflict between “I want” and “I need.” I want to go out with friends, but I need to write a report on the work. Hmm .. I’ll watch a movie.
⭐️When you rush between “I want” and “I need” it is useful to choose a side. And accept the consequences of your choice. It is better to meet friends and have fun than to sit at home and suffer from remorse.

4️⃣ Personal reasons: “I can’t cope”, “I don’t want to lose, so I don’t try at all”, “I don’t want to do this”, “I don’t have the resources to do this”
⭐️ Solving the problem in communication – share your feelings. You can get valuable advice, support, or help with solving a problem.

Procrastination harms not only you personally, but the whole work team.
Do not put off the fight with procrastination until later.

🔥Start doing it RIGHT NOW 🔥

👉Stop scrolling the feed on the social network and go wash the dishes. And come back soon. We have a lot of interesting things 🖐

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