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Sep 23, 2019  | by Valery Satsura

Sociability is a soft skill

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Sociability is a soft skill

☝️The ability to share ideas, to transfer one’s thoughts to another and understand him is an important condition for teamwork.

There is a person in any team with whom people cheerfully discuss their affairs during lunch or over a cup of coffee. These people are smiling, sociable and always ready to listen to you or tell a joke. It’s nice to be around them and spend time. If you want to be like this but can’t do it, the following information will be helpful to you.

🔥 There are 7 secrets that will make you the soul of the company.

1️⃣ Do not avoid communication. The more you communicate, the more diverse your contacts, the more interesting you become an interlocutor. Sociability is a skill and needs to be trained.

2️⃣ Start enjoying communication. Communication is not only an exchange of views, but also an opportunity to learn new things, get advice or support, and even find a new hobby. Learn how to benefit from your conversations with different people, and communication will become a more exciting event for you.

3️⃣ Try to initiate a conversation. Start a conversation with a colleague, having encountered in the kitchen for a cup of tea, or speak with a neighbor while taking the elevator. Start with a joke – this is how you break the ice and set up the person to talk peacefully.

4️⃣ When communicating with people, do not be too formal in communicating with them. Be simpler.

5️⃣ Work on your artistry. Mimic expression of emotions, emancipation in movements – and even without words, your interlocutor will be able to understand what mood you are in and what happened. Feel free to be mobile – your liveliness will stir up your interlocutors and the conversation will be vivid and memorable.

6️⃣ Be an optimist. Smile, look for positive aspects in life, learn to see beauty in every day – it will make your life more pleasant. Whining and constant complaints are annoying.

7️⃣ Be a good listener. Know how to listen to the interlocutor, do not interrupt, try to be included in the conversation and give comments if you think they are appropriate. The ability to listen and hear the other is an important and useful skill not only in work, but in life in general.

Communicative people are characterized by flexibility in contacts, the ability and ability not to get confused when communicating in different situations, self-confidence, they easily adapt to new conditions, know how to successfully negotiate, strive to initiative and leadership in the team.

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