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Sep 10, 2019  | by Valery Satsura

Why do you do what you do?

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Why do you do what you do?

This was a key issue in our conversation today with the team. The guys were smiling. They called the pleasant atmosphere of the office, friendly colleagues, the opportunity to develop and bring benefits, the desire to succeed in their work and the realization of potential.

Psychologists distinguish two types of motivation – external motivation (salary, career advancement, threat of dismissal) and internal – the desire to realize one’s potential, do something for others, and enjoy the process of work itself.

If in your daily work you are guided only by external motives – I have bad news for you. – sooner or later you will come across the fact that this is not what you need. 

Intrinsic motivation is more effective and sustainable. 

After all, if you really love what you do and do what you love – the work burns in your hands. 

But there is good news too.

You can develop your own motivation for independent work.

  1. The challenge. Set yourself high, but achievable goals.
  2. Curiosity. Every working day is an opportunity to learn something new, to learn new skills.
  3. The environment. Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you – the desire to reach their level will motivate you to develop and use your working time efficiently.
  4. Collaboration and competition. We are motivated by the desire to benefit another. And be better than the other. Be better than you were yesterday. Teamwork is the best motivation for growth.
  5. Be your idol. Believe in yourself, strive for the standard of living that you deserve. Step by step get closer to your dream. Because only you are responsible for your life. And in your power to do it better.

Why do you work? What keeps you in your current position? money or is it still fun?

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