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Sep 17, 2019  | by Valery Satsura

Why do IT specialists need soft skills?

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Why do IT specialists need soft skills?

Every french 🇫🇷 soldier carries a marshal’s baton in his knapsack

Each of us thought about #career advancement. Our skills are growing and experience is gaining. But one skill to write code or find bugs is clearly not enough.

☝️ It is important not only to be good in the technical part, but also to be a good team player.

There are two categories of skills.

1️⃣ Hard skills are technical skills directly related to professional qualifications.

2️⃣ Soft skills – interpersonal, personal or “flexible”, “soft” skills.

👉 There are 4 types of soft skills:

1️⃣ Social competencies are responsible for successfully interacting with people.

2️⃣ Intellectual competences are responsible for continuous professional development within the framework of their field.

3️⃣ Strong-willed competencies are responsible for achieving goals in the work.

4️⃣ Leadership competencies are responsible for the successful use of resources to achieve common goals.

👌 Soft skills affect: 

🔥 Team success 

🔥 Development of professional opportunities and careers 

🔥 Reputation 

🔥 The choice in your favor 

🔥 Relocation

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